Dr. Vilius Bartninkas

Assistant professor
Research areas
Political Theory

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Dr. Vilius Bartninkas is an assistant professor (Institute of International Relations and Political Science) and postdoctoral fellow (Faculty of Philology) at Vilnius University. He defended his doctoral thesis on “Traditional Gods and Civic Religion in Plato’s Later Dialogues” at the University of Cambridge (2019).

He currently teaches courses on political theory and ancient philosophy and his latest research output explores the interaction between religion, cosmology, and morality in Plato’s works. He has published Lithuanian translations of Plato’s “Lysis” and “Alcibiades” (with introduction and commentaries). He has presented his research in a number conferences, workshops, and seminars in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Brazil, and China. He regularly appears on the Lithuanian media outlets, where passionately advocates the importance of Classical culture.

Research projects and grants

“Politics of Moderation and Justified Beliefs: The Civic Participation Model in Plato’s Philosophy”, Research Council of Lithuania, postdoctoral fellowship. 2021-2023. Postdoctoral fellow.

“Between Nationalism, Globalism, and Ideologies: Analysis of M. Nussbaum Concept of Justice”, Research Council of Lithuania, students’ research. 2021. Research internship supervisor.

“Between the Individual and the Community: The Concept of Aristotle’s Political Friendship”, Research Council of Lithuania,  students’ research. 2021. Research internship supervisor.

“Philosophy and Religion in Plato‘s Academy during the Hellenistic Period”. Vilnius University Research Facilitation Fund, postdoctoral fellowship. 2019-2021. Postdoctoral fellow.

“A Dialogue Between Believers and Atheists: the Platonic Model in the Laws”. Lithuanian Research Council, Development of scientists, other researchers and students through practical research activities. 2020-2021. Supervisor of research practice.

“The Concept of Progress in Lithuania: from idea to policy”. Vilnius University Research Facilitation Fund. 2020. Project participant.

“The translation, preparation, and publication of Plato’s Alcibiades”. Lithuanian Council For Culture, humanities programme. 2016. Project supervisor.

“The translation, preparation, and publication of Plato’s Lysis”. Lithuanian Council For Culture, humanities programme. 2014. Project supervisor.

Selected conference papers

  1. 2021/06/17 „The Greek Gods and the Planetary Names“, workshop Astronomy and Astrology in Early Text Cultures, Oxford University
  2. 2021/04/15 „The Younger Gods in Plato’s Timaeus“, guest lecturer in Fribourg University (Switzerland).
  3. 2021/03/05 „The Greek Notion of Sea-power“, international conference „The Ancient Sea: Utopia and Catastrophe in Classical Narratives and their Reception“, Liverpool University Press.
  4. 2018/12/14 „Plato’s Ideal of Godlikeness and Its Contemporary Readers”, international workshop on ancient philosophy, University of Tartu.
  5. 2017/12/05 „Ouranos and Kosmos in Plato’s Timaeus“, guest lecturer in Sun Yat-sen Unviersity (China).
  6. 2017/09/19 „The Social Function of Plato’s Cosmology and Politogony“, international conference „Plato’s Communities: Citizenship and Diversity“, University of Brasilia (Brazil).

Courses taught

Classical political theories

Ancient political thought

Research interests

Political Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Greek Religion and Theology


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