Simonas Algirdas Spurga

PhD candidate, lecturer
Research areas
Political economy
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Simonas Algirdas Spurga is a lecturer and a PhD student at Vilnius University, Institute of International Relations and Political Science. He also heads the Economic Policy Analysis Division at the International Relations Department, Bank of Lithuania. In 2017, Simonas graduated with a MSc in Political Science and Political Economy at the London School of Economics (Distinction). In 2015, Simonas graduated IIRPS VU Bachelor’s program in Political Science (Cum Laude Diploma).

Courses taught

Principles of Economics

Research interests

Comparative political economy

Varieties of capitalsim


Spurga, S. A. (2020), Ch. “Latvia” and Ch. “Lithuania”, in: Variations of Market Economy: Comparative Study of 16 Countries of the Region, ed. by Prof. Krzysztof Jasiecki (University of Warsaw), published by China-CEE Institute Nonprofit Ltd., Budapest, p. 147-193. ISSN: 978-615-6124-35-7.