Dr. Simas Čelutka


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2016-2020: Doctoral studies in philosophy at Vilnius University. On 8 January, 2020 Simas Čelutka defended dissertation “Political autonomy as a moral project. Analysis of H. Arendt, M. Oakeshott and C. Schmitt Concepts” (supervisor prof. Alvydas Jokubaitis).

2014-2015: Master’s degree in History of Political Thought and History of Ideas in a joint program at UCL and Queen Mary Universities (UK). 2010-2014: Bachelor of Philosophy studies at Vilnius University. 2009-2010: Bachelor of Political Science studies at IIRPS VU.

Research projects and grants

The Modern Problem of the Relationship between Morality and Politics: the Challenge for Western and Lithuanian Philosophy“, Research Council of Lithuania, researcher.

Selected conference papers

  1. “The Moral Core of Liberal Education: Conversation, Plurality, and Friendship”, International Conference Hannah Arendt: Thinking and Education in Times of Crisis, European Humanities University, Vilnius, 2019 September 23-24.
  2. “The Loss of Common Reality in the Age of Trump and Putin”, Hannah Arendt Circle Annual Conference, Bard College, USA, 2017 March 30 – April 1.
  3. “Practice, Agency, and Civil Association: Michael Oakeshott’s Account of modus vivendi”, MANCEPT (annual political theory conference in Manchester), Workshop “Political Theory and Modus Vivendi”, 2016 September 7-9.

Courses taught

Problems of Political Science: Politics and Morality

Research interests

Political philosophy

History of political thought

History of ideas

Ethics and philosophy of morality

Relation between politics and morality


„The Moral Grounds of Arendt’s Conception of Politics“, Problemos, 2020, 97, p. 75-86.

„Morality and the Nature of Politics“, Politologija, 2019, 96 (4), p. 38-59.

„Political Phenomenology as a Critique for Platonism“, Politologija, 2013, 4, p. 93-118.