Dr. Deimantas Jastramskis

Associate professor
Research areas
Media policy and media structure

Deimantas graduated Kaunas University of Technology with a BA degree in engineering and holds an MA in Psychology from Vilnius University. He obtained his PhD from Vilnius University in 2010. His PhD topic „The relation between the ownership structure of the media organization and the expression of media partiality (research of Lithuanian national dailies throughout the 2004 Lithuanian presidential election campaign“.

Deimantas is a council member at the Baltic Association for Media Research, participates in European Communication Research and Education Association’s (ECREA) Communication Law & Policy Section (CLP) activities.

Deimantas Jastramskis has been awarded with a medal by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania to commemorate Lithuania‘s membership in NATO and European Union.

Courses taught

Media and politics

Research interests

Media policy

Media systems

Media management and media effects


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