Dr. Aistė Noreikaitė



Dr. Aistė Noreikaitė is a researcher at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University and an assistant at the Faculty of Philosophy.

She graduated from bachelor and master studies at Faculty of Philosophy, where she also defended her dissertation “The Challenge of Ronald Dworkin’s Practical Philosophy: The Question of Moral Justification” (2021).

The main research interests of Aistė include classical and contemporary philosophy of morality, philosophy of the new ages, and political philosophy. The courses she teaches and research projects are also related to these areas.

Research projects and grants

The modern problem of the relationship between morality and politics: the challenge for Western and Lithuanian philosophy“, Research Council of Lithuania, researcher.

Selected conference papers

  1. Noreikaitė, A. 2019. „The defence of metaphysics in ethics“, in annual international conference „The European conference on Ehics, Religion and Philosophy“, organized by international organization „International Academic Forum“ (IAFOR) in Brighton, Great Britain.
  2. Noreikaitė, A. 2019. „Why ethics needs metaphysics?“, in „International Conference on Ethics“ in University of Porto, Portugal.
  3. Noreikaitė, A. 2018. „The centrality of normative reason: Dworkin and Kant“, in international conference „The Future of Normativity“ in University of Kent, Great Britain.

Courses taught

Problems of Political Science: Politics and Morality

Research interests

Ethics and Philosophy of Morals

Philosophy of New Ages

Philosophy of Immanuel Kant

Political Philosophy

Philosophical Perception of Individual


Noreikaitė, A. 2020. „Tarp kantiškojo racionalizmo ir moralės mistikos: moralės pagrindų paieška A. Jokubaičio filosofijoje“, Politologija, 97(1): 73-94. DOI:

Noreikaitė, A. 2019. „Kodėl etikai reikia metafizikos“, Problemos, 96: 8-22. DOI:

Noreikaitė, A., Jokubaitis, A. 2015. „Dworkino alternatyva Berlino vertybių pliuralizmui“, Problemos, 88: 153-165. DOI: