World IIRPS VU Alumni Network

Living, working and studying in more than 20 countries around the world, the IIRPS VU Alumni remain an important part of IIRPS community. This is why, the IIRPS VU Alumni Association has launched “World IIRPS VU Alumni Network” – a project to strengthen and develop IIRPS VU community around the world through its local representatives abroad – Alumni ambassadors. An Alumni ambassador is IIRPS VU Alumni, who permanently lives abroad and through her/his professional activities and achievements represents IIRPS VU community as well as Lithuania in a foreign country. The ambassadors share their professional and personal experience with the members of IIRPS VU community (students, lecturers and other alumni) in order to assist their fellow members in their professional and academic endeavours. If you wish to become a representative of “World IIRPS VU Alumni Network” or have other ideas to share, please contact us by e-mail: