Network of Ambassadors of VU IIRPS

Wouldn’t it be fun to find an active VU TSPMI alumni community when going to a foreign country? Or, if you plan to settle in a foreign country, can you contact the Institute’s alumni who live there and hear all the practical tips from the first lips? Now it is quite realistic because VU TSPMI Alumni Society, in cooperation with the Institute administration, is building a global network of VU TSPMI alumni – the Institute’s ambassadors.


We invite you to get acquainted with the first ambassadors of VU TSPMI. Even living abroad, they remain an important part of the Institute’s community and want to share their professional and personal experience with community members – students, teachers and alumni. Do you have specific questions for them? You can always contact the contacts listed in the questionnaires.


If you would like to become ambassador of VU TSPMI, join the institute’s alumni communities in different foreign countries or otherwise contribute to the development of the global VU TSPMI alumni network. by email