Project idea

The goal of the project is to examine the impact of participation in the European Union's mobility program ERASMUS, which aims to promote the participation of young people in European democracy, on a person's political beliefs and perception of European identity. The study raises question whether partial studies in EU higher education institutions encourage the radicalization of a person's political beliefs, such as drastic movement towards the so-called radical left or radical right. The project also evaluates a change in perceptions of European identity. This change is seen in the question of the possible further development and integration processes of the European Union, the overall impact of the EU on the state, its social, economic and cultural life, to highlight the impact of mobility programs through surveys and semi-structured interviews. The results of the project study could become a new field of discussion, raising questions about the impact of mobility programs not only on the variation of social indicators, but also the individual’s value perception of the political self-identification.