Enhancing student learning experience in interdisciplinary area studies

2015 06 15–2016 01 10

Project idea

Project "Enhancing Student Learning Experience in Interdisciplinary Area Studies" is a part of Baltic Sea Region Studies Network. This network seeks to enhance collaboration between seven Nordic-Baltic universities to improve teaching, learning and joint curricula planning within interdisciplinary area studies (Baltic Sea Region, Russian and East European, EU-Russia studies).
Rationale for this year’s project “Enhancing Student Learning Experience within Interdisciplinary Area Studies” is connected with the need to correspond to new developments in higher education as well as to the demands of the labor market.

The project seeks to facilitate the establishment of enduring cross-cutting contacts among the participating institutions, their faculty, and students. Furthermore, the mobility supports the objectives of the workshop ( August 2015), by providing means to individual teachers for further curricula and course development and to students for experiencing different approaches to teaching and research. The aim of the mobility project is to improve teaching and learning within the interdisciplinary area studies, such as Baltic Sea Region, Eastern European and Russia, EU-Russia, European studies, etc.

Each semester focuses on specific topics of the network and has a responsible university:1. Autumn 2015 – “Security challenges in BSR in the context of the war in Ukraine” in Tartu, Estonia (responsible institution: University of Tartu) 2. Spring 2016 – “The lesson learned: The experience of Latvian EU presidency and the representation of BSR priorities in the Council of European Union” in Riga, Latvia (responsible institution: Riga GraduateSchool of Law) 3. Autumn 2016 – “Diplomacy and Culture” in Vilnius, Lithuania (responsible institution: Vilnius University).