Vilnius University Foundation has donated to VU TSPMI’s junior researcher dr. Thomas Peak.

Vilnius University Foundation has donated funding from the philanthropist Marius Jakulis Jason (MJJ) fund to VU TSPMI’s junior researcher dr. Thomas Peak.

Starting in the upcoming autumn, the winner of the co-financing competition Dr. Thomas Peak will be part of a significant international scientific experience. The young scientist has worked and studied at Cambridge, Oxford, Queen Mary universities in the UK, and Central European University (CEU) in Hungary.

The main fields of Dr. T. Peak’s scientific interests are international relations, especially international intervention and peace support missions, responsibility to defend civilians, regional security, international security, and global history. Dr. T. Peak’s most important publication is his book “Westphalia From Below”, which was published this year. In the book, the author examines the legendary and problematic 1648’s Peace Treaty and its importance for international politics and humanitarian protection these days.

During his work at VU TSPMI, the junior researcher will prepare international publications and applications for Marie Curie, ERA projects funded by Horizon Europe. Dr. T. Peak’s experience and acquaintance gained through the establishment and administration of the Center for Geopolitical Studies at the University of Cambridge, UK, will contribute to the internationalization of Vilnius University science and the creation of new international research networks.