IIRPS VU researchers won the best comparative politics research study award

Joint committee which is related with Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis awarded article “Ex post control and steering of government agencies in Lithuania and Romania” as the best comparative politics research study. Scientific article was prepared by the joint team of researchers from IIRPS VU and Babeş Bolyai University (Romania).

Five authors of the study (Prof. Vitalis Nakrošis and dr. Žilvinas Martinaitis from IIRPS VU and three Romanian university researchers) received individual certificates and single $ 500 prize. Vitalis Nakrošis together with one Romanian researcher presented article at the 21th NISPAcee (Central and Eastern European Public Administration Network of Institutes and Schools) annual conference “Regionalisation and Inter-regional Cooperation”, which took place in 2013. May 16-18. Belgrade (Serbia).

This article was prepared for prestigious Public Administration Review magazine symposium.