IIRPS students and professors took part in the seminar „State formation in Belarus and Lithuania: history and perspectives“

On the 24th – 25th of March master students of Eastern European and Russian studies program visited Belarusian State University where together with Lithuanian and Belarusian scientists and students attended the seminar dedicated to discuss the main issues of state formation both in Lithuanian and Belarus. The seminar was organized by the initiative of Embassy of Lithuania in Minsk. The next day students also met the representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Belarusian Republic, Belarus Ministry of Defense, EU delegation to Minsk, visited the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

Such educational study trips are supplementary part of Easter European and Russian studies which aims to provide students with first hand experience related to the topics being discussed in the master program.

According to Justina Savickaite, 1st year MA student of Eastern European and Russian studies, study trips are very important part of this program. Visiting Tibilisi last year and Minsk, meetings various representatives – members of academic community, government officers, visiting EU delegations, NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, NGO’s, Lithuanian embassies enabled enabled us to get an extensive knowledge of Eastern European countries and understand processes that are taking place in there.