Article by IIRPS VU Researchers in an international monograph

February Latvian Institute of international Affairs released a collection of articles entitled „The Politics of Economic Sustainability: Baltic and Visegrad Responses to the European Economic Crisis”. In this monograph three researchers of IIRPS VU: prof. Ramūnas Vilpišauskas, prof. Vitalis Nakrošis and dr. Vytautas Kuokštis published their article “Politics of reacting to the crisis in Lithuania in 2008-2013: exiting the crisis, entering politics as usual?”.

In the article authors analyze main political and economic trends in reacting to the financial-economic crisis in Lithuania in the period 2008-2013. The whole collection of articles is an attempt by an international collective of authors to explain the political economy of the long and winding road of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and the four Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) in facing the economic and financial problems domestically and/or on the European level. Authors from all countries contributed their ideas, explanations and projections on the future development in their respective countries based upon the lessons learned. The book chronicles the economic environments and challenges and compares the political and social results of diverse macroeconomic choices that have been made in the seven European Union member states.