Politics and the Tyranny of Values

Original title: Vertybių tironija ir politika

Publishing date: 2012

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 186



The book analyses the relationship between science, values, politics, democracy, political ideologies, morality and liberalism as well as their interaction in contemporary world. The book aims to prove that modern science is the main author of value tyranny, and liberal political neutrality is partial with regard to scientific thinking. Most citizens of democratic societies are enemies of tyranny. However, this circumstance does not protect them from value tyranny. Thinking in values contaminated citizens’ thinking and language. Nowadays, the representatives of the humanities and social sciences mainly do not read one another’s articles and books. They are written more out of professional duty, without a talent or understanding of the mission. Today it is difficult to convince others of any new idea, and even more difficult to arouse interest in the interpretations of an old idea. The opponents know the drawbacks of the book without even starting to read it. The main recommendation of this book could be a proposal to stop thinking in values at the limits of morality and politics. However, scientists are the main creators of value tyranny and they do not want even to hear about any restrictions of their activities. The current thinking in values does not recognise the established moral limits, which makes it a tyran. Value tyranny is an inseparable part of liberal and democratic societies. Citizens enjoy the right to live according to their understanding of the good and the evil, but they do not notice that the good and the evil were changed by values. Understanding that a decent society is not the creation of science, technology and economics has been disappearing. In fact, it requires respect for the sovereignty of morality.


Cite as: Jokubaitis, A. (2012) Vertybių tironija ir politika. Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.