Between “Homo Oeconomicus” and “Zoon Politicon”: History of Modern Lithuanian Political Thought

Original title: Tarp ūkininko ir piliečio: modernėjančios Lietuvos politinės minties istorija

Publishing date: 2015

Publisher: Lietuvos istorijos instituto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 352



This book is an ambitious attempt to show that Lithuanian political thinking is an intriguing and yet barely researched field. Starting with the question of why Lithuanians think about politics the way they do, roots of modern Lithuanian political ideas and concepts as well as their intellectual premises, development trajectories and tensions are discussed. The narrative starts at Simonas Daukantas, who was one of the first to try to create Lithuanian political concepts and thus teach his natives to think politically, and ranges to Sąjūdis era and its political knowledge on which the contemporary Lithuania is being built.

The leitmotif of this monograph is a thesis that it is wrong to talk only about one-dimensional (national-antinational, left-right, Catholic-secular) tension in Lithuanian political thought. It is, in fact, multifaceted and diverse. Not only it reflects efforts to define the present and future of Lithuania in different ways but it also conveys essentially different understandings of human and its relations with the environment – with nation, society, government, political institutions. This analysis does not propose the best way for Lithuania’s future or the correct way of thinking but rather it invites to look into our own political opinions critically and to become more conscious creators of the political reality.


Cite as: Dementavičius, J. (2015) Tarp ūkininko ir piliečio: modernėjančios Lietuvos politinės minties istorija. Vilnius: Lietuvos istorijos instituto leidykla.