The Cold War: International Relations and European Politics

Dr. Tomas Janeliūnas
Dr. (HP) Raimundas Lopata

Original title: Šaltasis karas: tarptautinė sistema ir Europos politika

Publishing date: 2008

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 280



This textbook is dedicated to the students of political science in Lithuanian universities and analysts seeking to understand and explain the political processes of the 20 c. and today. The main traits of the Cold war are presented while revealing the uniqueness of the era’s international system. The exclusive attention is paid to the relations of the US and the Soviet Union, as well as changes in the European politics after World War Two.


Cite as: Janeliūnas, T., Lopata, R. (2008) Šaltasis karas: tarptautinė sistema ir Europos politika. Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.

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