The Political Idiot: on the Inevitable Stupidity of Politics

Original title: Politinis idiotas: apie neišvengiamą politikos kvailybę

Publishing date: 2019

Publisher: Tyto alba

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 192



In his book “The Political Idiot” Alvydas Jokubaitis analyzes the contemporary society of Lithuania and how a person feels here. On the basis of the ideas of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the author is arguing that a human is stupid and reflects on the human weakness, stupidity and danger bearing in mind the Communist revolutions and post-Communists reforms. According to the author, a post-Communist human may be free from Communism but not from his own stupidity. This needs to be contemplated but the contemporary society refuses to do that. The author discusses the political idiocy as a general tendency in terms of philosophy, politics, religion and culture. “The Political Idiot” is a sharp, uncomfortable, intellectual book and a sort of ruthless mirror of post-Communist Lithuanian society and its individuals – political idiots.

Lithuanians seek to understand politics without thinking about the human nature. Three decades since the fall of Communism we’ve been fed naïve and primitive understanding of human being. How can you build a good society without having a good person? As long as this remains unanswered the idiocy will be proliferated.

Prof. dr. Alvydas Jokubaitis


Cite as: Jokubaitis, A. (2019) Politinis idiotas: apie neišvengiamą politikos kvailybę. Vilnius: Tyto alba.

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