The World Returns Home. Reflections of a Eurorealist

Original title: Pasaulis grįžta namo. Eurorealisto mąstymai

Publishing date: 2019

Publisher: Valstybingumo studijų centras

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 262



Despite his merits to the statehood as well as plentiful and deep political, cultural, and philosophical thought, nowadays Romualdas Ozolas (1939-2015) is forgotten as a politician and a thinker. The establishment of Sąjūdis and the declaration of Independence were the hours of glory for R. Ozolas but, after regaining statehood, his political views and that of the society have increasingly grown apart. The contemporaries could not always understand his insights that surpassed their time, especially when they talked about gloomier perspective than anyone wanted to believe in. The young generation often don’t even know R. Ozolas.

This book is hoping to restore this historical mistake and to revive the impressive political thought of R. Ozolas to a new life. Its main themes – the search for a human’s place and purpose in the world, the aspiration for the consciousness and independence of the nation, the challenge of globalism and the problem of Europe’s becoming – are more relevant than ever. Most of the questions raised by the author remain unanswered and are calling for the answers, and most of his statements are still unheard. Now is the time for the Lithuanian society to hear them and to rethink them. The geopolitical processes taking place in Lithuania, Europe and around the world as well as vague perspectives for the survival of the European Union make the texts of Romualdas Ozolas relevant again and this time they will be comprehensible to the readers.


Cite as: Jankauskas, A. (sud.) (2019) Pasaulis grįžta namo: eurorealisto mąstymai. Vilnius: Valstybingumo studijų centras.