Lithuania that Never Was. Considerations and Evaluations of the “Complete” Democracy

Original title: Lietuva, kurios nebuvo. Pilnutinės demokratijos svarstymai ir vertinimai

Publishing date: 2016

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 587



This book presents the heritage of the “complete” democracy, a part of Lithuanian political thought, covering the thinking of the interwar Lithuania, the years of occupation, the exodus political thought as well as that of the resurgent Lithuania.

The “complete” democracy is first and foremost a concept uniting the political thinking of Catholic authors that seeks to enrich the modern democracy with authentic and lively content. This notion of democracy rises from the principal of the primacy of a person and speaks of self-governing society in the spheres of political, societal and cultural matters. Unlike the procedural democracy, the “complete” democracy is understood as a unity of these three spheres, allowing the organic link between the state and the society.

This book is dedicated to the academic community. Almost all the universities have courses on Lithuanian political thought. Therefore, this publication can be an assistant to students. However, knowing your state’s history of political thought is not only a matter of scientific importance. It educates the political consciousness of the citizens, contributes to the formation of the country’s political traditions.


Cite as: Girnius, K. K., Jankauskas, A., Peluritis, L. (sud.) (2016) Lietuva, kurios nebuvo. Pilnutinės demokratijos svarstymai ir vertinimai. Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.

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