How Many Times Can a Nation Reborn?

Vytautas Radžvilas

Original title: Kiek kartų gali atgimti tauta?

Publishing date: 2018

Publisher: Valstybingumo studijų centras

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 350



By raising essential questions on the current state and the survival of the country and the nation as well as employing a rich context of history and world politics, the author invites readers to rise above despicable everyday political battles and to look to our country from the perspective of its survival. The fate and resolute decision have allowed V. Radžvilas to be one of the founders and members of the initiative group of Sąjūdis. Just like with the character of the nation, this unique historical experience has left the author with relentless longing for a more just, truly free and independent state. The current stagnation of Lithuania, according to the author, is disguised by a myth of “successful Lithuania” but is obvious bearing in mind the scale of emigration and demographic decline never seen before. Free from the political correctness, V. Radžvilas is asking: can the nation reborn or will we fade away to the oblivion of history?


Cite as: Radžvilas, V. (2018) Kiek kartų gali atgimti tauta? Vilnius: Valstybingumo studijų centras.