A public discussion “Trust-based public management. Mission possible?”


Emma Sterky
Prof. Vitalis Nakrošis
Mindaugas Macijauskas
Dominykas Karpovič

On the 22nd of October,  Nordic Council of Ministers, in partnership with IIRPS VU, will hold a discussion about the Nordic model of trust-based public management and its application in Lithuania. The discussion will take place at 11.30 am, in room 402 at  IIRPS VU.

Speakers: Emma Sterky from Swedish Government Trust Agency, professor of IIRPS VU Vitalis Nakrošis and Deputy Auditor-General of Lithuania Mindaugas Macijauskas.

The discussion will be moderated by “Xwhy” partner Dominykas Karpovič.

Language of the event: English without translation.

The discussion will address trust and public governance. This topic has received a lot of attention lately.

The Nordic region has the highest level of social trust worldwide, which benefits the economy, citizens and society at large. In a society characterized by a high level of social trust, there are fewer formalities, conflicts and legal processes. From an economic point of view, social trust lowers the cost of economic activity, i.e. costs of performance of contracts. Estimates show that a ten percentage point increase in social confidence could boost the country’s economic growth by half a percentage point.

In 2016, Sweden established an official trust agency under the Government, which aims to develop a trust-based model of public governance and apply it to the civil service. In the discussion, we will have the opportunity to hear the firsthand experience of this agency.

The event will also discuss the reasons that led to such a high level of social confidence in the Nordic region and talk about the factors that today create opportunities for such practices in Lithuania.

The discussion is part of the Nordic Talks series of events. This cycle is a platform for ideas and discussions, where representatives from different fields have the opportunity to share experiences relevant to the development of the Baltic and Nordic region.