Public lecture by HE prof. dr. Ivo Josipovič “Croatia’s EU Membership and South East Europe”

President of Croatia HE Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipovič will deliver the lecture “Croatia’s EU Membership and South East Europe” at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Ivo Josipović is a composer, lawyer and politician. He graduated from the Faculty of Law (1980) and passed his bar examination. He obtained his master’s degree following his post-graduate studies in criminal procedure law (1985) and his doctor’s degree with the thesis “Law on Arrest and Pre-trial Detention in Criminal Procedure Law” (1994) at the Zagreb University. He also graduated in Composition from the Zagreb Music Academy. He holds an honorary doctor’s degree of the Immanuel Kant State University of Russia.

Prior to his election to the office of the President Josipović was a university professor, a member of the Croatian Parliament and a composer. He taught Criminal Procedure Law, International Penal Law and Misdemeanour Law. At the Zagreb Music Academy he taught Harmony. He has published several books and a total of 85 scholarly and expert papers in journals and magazines in the country and abroad. He has composed some 50 compositions for different ensembles (symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, soloists) that are performed by eminent Croatian and foreign artists, published as sheet music or some twenty sound storage media.