Inga Patkauskaitė-Tiuchtienė

Research areas
Public administration
Public governance

Inga Patkauskaitė-Tiuchtienė obtained a bachelor’s degree of Political Science (2012) and master’s degree of Public Policy Analysis (2019) at VU IIRPS. During the study period she participated in an exchange program and studied in Helsinki (Finland) university.

As a PhD student (since 2020), she is preparing a dissertation on the impact of significant public policy events on changes in public policy and public administration in Lithuania (supervisor prof. dr. Vitalis Nakrošis).

Research interests

Changes of the public policy and public governance

Good governance and its relation to trust in government and municipalities institutions

Successes and failures of public policy

Relevant public policy events (political scandals, resonant events, crises)


Patkauskaitė-Tiuchtienė I. (2020). The Impact of Political Scandals on Trust in State Institutions: Lithuanian Case Analysis. Politologija, 98(2), 8-45.