Dr. Eglė Kesylytė-Alliks


Dr. Eglė Kesylytė-Alliks obtained her PhD degree as a doctoral research fellow under Marie Curie Actions project “Post-Soviet Tensions” at the University of Oslo in 2017. Eglė continued her work as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern Denmark (Syddansk Universitet) in 2018-2019. She has taught BA and MA students in Area Studies at the University of Oslo and BA and MA students in Sociology at the University of Southern Denmark. From March 2020, Eglė is a researcher at IIRPS working on an individual “Horizon 2020” project “The Continuation or the Invention of Tradition: Cultivating Religious and National Identities among Lithuanian Immigrants in Norway.”

Research interests




Baltic studies


For Friends and Citizens Only? Banal Notions of Nationhood in Official and Semi-Public Discourses on Foreign National Flags in post-1990 Lithuania. Journal of Baltic Studies (in press).

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“Locked Up” in Nation States: Perceptions of the Relations between the State and National Community within Political and Social Discourse in Lithuania. Druzboslovne razprave 2017, Volume 33(85) p. 73-89.

Discursive Construction of Lithuania’s “Others:” the Case of Belarus. Nationalities Papers 2017, Volume 45(1) p. 80-95.

PhD thesis „(In)visible Power of the State: National Flag, Nation and State in post 1990 Lithuania“. Oslo: 07 Oslo Media 2017, 275 p.