Aivaras Žukauskas

PhD candidate, teaching assistant
Research areas
Political Theory
Comparative Politics and Political Sociology

Graduated from Vilnius University, IIRPS, Bachelor of Political Science, 2013. and Master of Science in Modern Politics in 2018. (with honours). He is currently writing a dissertation focusing on the transformation of political images and the portrayal of politics as practice in the new media era.

Is also interested in historical memory formation techniques and capabilities in the context of media virtualization.Research interests combine philosophy of politics, sociology of politics, imaginative research, and the study of new media.

Research interests

Philosophy of Politics

Sociology of Politics

New Media Studios

Computer game studios

Studies in Historical Memory


„Kompiuteriniai žaidimai ir istorinės atminties politika: karo atmintis JAV ir Rusijos žaidimuose”, Politologija, nr. 2, 2018, pp. 88-113.

„Russia’s soft power in Lithuania: the impact of conflict in Ukraine”, Toms Rostoks, Andris Spruds (sud.), “Different Faces of "Soft Power": the Baltic States and Eastern Neighborhood between Russia and the EU", Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2014, pp. 184-202. (Kartu su Linu Kojala)