Project idea

Throughout the project, research fellowship will be conducted at the University of Zurich, Faculty of Political Science. The fellowship will enhance the competence of the researcher by deepening the knowledge of quantitative methods, general skills of research and publishing (especially in highly rated scientific journals). At the same time, networking will be developed, strengthening existing ones and establishing new links with researchers at the University of Zurich: a team led by Stefanie Walter, one of the world's best specialists in international political economy, and other researchers working at the university. During the scientific seminars, the results of the research will be presented, providing a chance to get acquainted with the ideas of other researchers at the same time. The internship will also continue and complete a study in the field of political economy, which aims to explain the exchange rate preferences of industry. On the basis of this research, presentations at international conferences will be carried out and a publication will be published in a recognized journal of social sciences and political economy.