Jean Monnet Networks: „Enhancing Visibility of the Academic Dialogue on EU-Turkey Cooperation’ (VIADUCT)”

Ramūnas Vilpišauskas
Prof. Wolfgang Wessels
2017 m. - 2020 m.

Project idea

VIADUCT’s general objective is to foster policy dialogue and to contribute in the exchange of views among academics and pracitioners on recent developments in both the EU and Turkey. The aim is to improve and to enhance the teaching and research on this topic. VIADUCT’s target groups are academics, students and practitioners, civil society and general public.
Core of the project are three VIADUCT Weeks each consisting of an Annual Conference, a Working Turkey/PhD seminar and an Informal Policy Debate.
The three Annual Conferences, organised by TEPSA in Brussels and Sabanci University in Istanbul, aim to communicate, exploit, disseminate and sustain VIADUCT’s main activities.
The “Working Turkey” Seminars for Master students from different national and disciplinary backgrounds will be organised by TEPSA in cooperation with the academic leaders Prof Silvia von Steinsdorff (HU Berlin) and Prof Sabine Saurugger (Sciences Po) These seminars aim to build knowledge, develop new and innovative teaching curricula and provide a thorough understanding of specific topical EU-Turkey issues.
Following an intergenerational, interdisciplinary, international and intertemporal approach, VIADUCT represents a network of 40 partners and one extended network partner from all EU countries, Turkey as well as from Egypt, Georgia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Norway, and Switzerland. See the partners list here: