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Naujos knygos bibliotekoje


Naujųjų mokslo metų pradžios proga TSPMI biblioteką pasiekė nauja knygų siunta. Štai, pateikiame naujųjų knygų sąrašą:

1. Chesterman, Simon; Franck, Thomas; Malone, David. Law and Practice of the United Nations: Documents and Commentary
2. Fischlin, Daniel; Heble, Ajay (Eds.). Rebel Muslims: Human Rights, Resistant Sounds and the Politics of Muslim Making
3. Sands, Philippe; Klein, Pierre. Bowett’s Law of International Institutions
4. Van Belle, Douglas; Mash, Kenneth. A Novel Approach to Politics: Introducing Political Science through Books, Movies and Popular Culture
5. Bonker, Frank; Muller, Klaus; Pickel, Andreas (Eds.). Postcommunist Transformation and the Social Sciences
6. Jones, Jeffrey. Entertaining Politics: Satiric Television and Political Engagement
7. Schmidt, Brian. The Political Discourse of Anarchy: A Disciplinary History of International Relations
8. Matynia, Elzbieta. Performative Democracy
9. Todd, Paul; Bloch, Jonathan. Global Intelligence: The World’s Secret Services Today
10. Schildt. Axel; Siegfried, Detlef (Eds.) Between Marx and Coca-Cola: Youth Cultures in Changing European Societies, 1960-1980

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