Eastern European and Russian studies

Programme description

The objective

The Eastern European and Russian Studies Programme is devised to provide with deep and comprehensive knowledge about the region – its political, economic and cultural particularities, and develop your academic and analytical skills that will enable students to analyse, evaluate and assess key political and social processes within this dynamic and exciting region.

Career opportunities and access to further studies

Our graduates work in a number of different fields; some pursue their career as civil servants in public administration institutions and diplomatic service, others work as analysts and experts in the international organizations, academic and research institutions, as well as in the private sector in Lithuania and abroad. For those who wish to spread their knowledge and gain further insight into the Eastern and Central European studies there is access available to the third cycle studies (doctoral studies).


What will you study?


In the first semester, students start with four courses that introduce them to the economic, historic and cultural context of Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as the political science research methods that will be crucial in preparing their MA thesis. These courses take up to 10 ECTS credits each.

The second semester offers an opportunity to build extensive knowledge and expertise in their preferred field of interests by choosing three elective subjects from the list of courses open to all Master level students at the Institute. Students will also attend Master’s seminars to further develop their MA thesis research design and one compulsory course dedicated to providing in-depth knowledge of economic and political particularities in Russia.

During the third semester, students work on their Master’s thesis and continue attending Master’s seminars. Additionally, they can extend their knowledge by attending one elective subject based on their academic or professional interests. Moreover, students are offered an opportunity to build their resume by conducting a professional internship with non-governmental organizations or research institutions based in Vilnius.

Why choose Eastern European and Russian master studies program at IIRPS VU?

You will:

– Explore Eastern Europe from the base of cosy modern Vilnius
– Build your expertise by studying in one of the leading research institutions in the region
– Join a lively hub of field experts and practitioners
– Have an opportunity to experience Russia within an hour’s drive
– Take part in study trips to Belarus, Moldova, Georgia
– Conduct an internship in leading foreign policy institutions and think-tanks

Join the hub of Eastern Europe experts!

Study trips

A unique opportunity to visit the countries studied is offered for the IIRPS for students of Central and Eastern European Studies programme. Such trips are organized in order to enhance the practical knowledge of the societal and governmental specifics of the region. During their last study trips, the CEE students visited Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation, Belarus and Moldova.

Admission and financial support

Information about admission for academic year 2018-2019  – HERE

Information about financial support for international students  –  HERE


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